Sunrise is the first story of the Land of Four Corners series, a magical kingdom where a Royal Family resides. 

The Sunrise story describes the joy King Topaz and his wife, Queen Emeralda, experience while taking a tour around their castle on an early summer morning to view the magic and beauty of the four corners of their kingdom. But the grand finale is their special treat, the splendor of a magnificent sunrise. 

The diorama captures the moment of the start of the sunrise, while the Royals are watching on the eastern porch of their golden castle.

This book depicts the country’s beauty and the sunrise in many pictures to gaze into. The story may be enjoyed by adults or be read to a child.

Once you allow yourself to dream ‘into my kingdom’, you could escape into a world where tolerance and mutual respect for all creatures are the basis for a good life, governed by the humility and wisdom of a beloved leader, the mighty King Topaz.


All my miniature creations are originals and individually constructed. They come with a story, bound in a hardcover book, and are sold exclusively as a set in a limited edition of ten, which makes them highly collectible. A signed letter of authenticity and certification of the edition number is included. 


Most dioramas have several LED light sources that light up from separate switches:

– Some lights are connected in the back to a battery pack with 2x AA batteries and a light switch on its cover.

– Some have an LED lamp with its own switch and cell battery. The lamp is held in place with a magnet for easy battery change. 

The batteries are not included for shipping reasons.


Width: 15”

Depth: 10”

Height: 10” excluding legs and top decorations

Technical Details:

Box Frame Diorama

The box structure is made from wood. 

The acrylic front of the box is removable for dust protection.

Materials: Mixed media materials

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