Princess Rubie

Princess Rubie

This book is for adults and children alike. It is the story of a very busy royal family who provides a loving and supportive environment in which their children can flourish. The multi-talented daughter, Princess Rubie, studies the fine arts, such as music, ballet, and painting, and takes center stage. Currently, in the diorama, she is creating a painting to be finished by teatime when her mother visits.


Once you allow yourself to imagine ‘living in my kingdom’, you may escape into a world where the love and respect within the Royal Family not only nurture their children but also serve as the basis for a just ruling of the country.


The handbound book has a title in gold lettering and tells the story of Rubie’s duties, talents, and dreams.


This charming and unique Diorama is built at a scale of 1:12. Some parts are glued in position and others can be moved to your liking.




All my miniature creations are originals and individually constructed. They come with a story, bound in a hardcover book, and are sold exclusively as a set in a limited edition of ten, which makes them highly collectible. A signed letter of authenticity and certification of the edition number is included. 


Most dioramas have several LED light sources that light up from separate switches:

– Some lights are connected in the back to a battery pack with 2x AA batteries and a light switch on its cover.

– Some have an LED lamp with its own switch and cell battery. The lamp is held in place with a magnet for easy battery change. 

The batteries are not included for shipping reasons.


Width: 15”

Depth: 10”

Height: 10” excluding legs and top decorations

Technical Details:

Box Frame Diorama

The box structure is made from wood. 

The acrylic front of the box is removable for dust protection.

Materials: Mixed media materials

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