Miniature lovers, this is the gift for you!


The Sunrise story describes the joy King Topaz and his wife, Queen Emeralda, experience while taking a tour around their castle on an early summer morning to view the magic and beauty of the four corners of their kingdom. But the grand finale is their special treat, the splendor of a magnificent sunrise.

Princess Rubie

This book is for adults and children alike. It is the story of a very busy royal family who provides a loving and supportive environment in which their children can flourish. The multi-talented daughter, Princess Rubie, studies the fine arts, such as music, ballet, and painting, and takes center stage. Currently, in the diorama, she is creating a painting to be finished by teatime when her mother visits.

Baby Opal

BABY OPAL is the third story of the Land of Four Corners series. The Royal Family of this magical kingdom is celebrating Baby Opal’s first birthday. The story takes place in the royal palace and describes this special day. Gifts that hold magic arrive to honor this occasion. To his mother’s dismay, the little prince has his first encounter with a dragon, a gift from his ambitious father, the King.

Technical Details

All my miniature creations are originals and individually constructed. They come with a story, bound in a hardcover book, and are sold exclusively as a set in a limited edition of ten, which makes them highly collectible. A signed letter to certify and guarantee the edition number you purchased is included.

Most dioramas have several LED light sources which light up from separate switches:

Some lights are connected in the back to a battery pack with 2x AA batteries and alight switch on its cover.

Some have an LED lamp with its own switch and a cell battery. The lamp is held in place with a magnet for easy battery change.

The batteries are not included for shipping reasons.