Elke Sartor – The Artist

Elke Sartor

Elke Sartor, born in post-WWII Germany, grew up in a resourceful environment where she learned to craft toys from scraps due to financial constraints. Her early experiences fueled her imagination and creativity, leading to the development of her artistic skills. Over the years, she honed her abilities and pursued a career in teaching while consistently creating handmade gifts for family and friends. Elke later expanded her knowledge by studying fine arts and becoming certified as a vocational teacher. Despite her teaching career, her passion for hands-on creativity persisted, and she now specializes in crafting dioramas and storybooks.

About the Artist

I am Elke Sartor, a miniature artist and author, and this is my website. I invite you to explore my world of enchanting dioramas. A lifelong fascination with miniatures began in my childhood as I observed the miniature critters in the meadow, sparking my imagination to create stories around them. This early passion evolved into the concept of crafting unique, one-of-a-kind dioramas with whimsical and highly detailed styles.


In my creations, I use only the finest materials, including meticulously handmade elements from skilled artisans around the globe. To maintain eco-friendly practices, I employ paints and glues with low or no VOC emissions, allowing ample drying and evaporation time. Each diorama is a testament to my artistry, featuring characters sculpted by me with gemstone faces, exquisite jewelry, and luxurious Angora hair wigs.


In an exclusive limited edition of ten, each diorama theme is accompanied by a book. I personally write, edit, and publish these stories, ensuring fine print quality and preventing color “bleeding” through special art paper. The books also include detailed descriptions of the diorama creation process. A certificate of authenticity, signed by me, accompanies each piece, making them highly collectible and unique.