I am Elke Sartor, a miniature artist and author, and this is my website.

My fantasy stories take place in a magical kingdom of the Land of Four Corners series, though each one is independent and complete within itself. 

The stories portray the life of a royal family whose members have special powers and reveal the adventures of dragons, witches, and wizards. In the book, you will find many side stories and insight into the magic of the characters who aim to provide a good life for everyone living in the Land of Four Corners.


The stories may spark your imagination and can be read easily to a child. Though, the ‘magical’ content may intrigue adults alike and lend itself to daydreaming.


The themes of my dioramas take place in a magical kingdom and are intended to bring joy to the observer with their whimsical beauty. 

Perfect Gift

It can make the perfect gift for a child, provided the diorama is handled by an adult.  The sets could even become a treasured family heirloom.

Miniature lovers this is the gift for you.


Explore my Dioramas


SUNRISE is the first story of the Land of Four Corners series, a magical kingdom where a Royal Family resides. 

Princess Rubie

PRINCESS RUBIE is the second story of the Land of Four Corners series.  

Baby Opal

BABY OPAL is the third story of the Land of Four Corners series.

Books With Dioramas
Limited-Edition Artisian-Made

These timeless dioramas are truly a labor of love that feature intricate details of high quality, artist-sculpted figurines, genuine gemstones, and a handmade book.


Each diorama is individually made to order and varies in color, details, and materials, so no two are the same. It comes in a painted wooden box with a removable acrylic front and a hardcover book. All movable parts are securely packaged separately and shipped with insurance. 

For Miniature Lovers
These Stories May Spark Your Imagination

The many delicate parts inside the diorama are breakable and do not belong in the hands of children! A responsible adult may move the parts around and rearrange them as needed.

My dioramas are intended as display objects and collectibles – not as toys!

For inquires and pricing, please contact Elke.
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